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APPLICATIONS The ASIS/1-5000C series controllers contains the most frequently used VAV applications and has personalities for cooling only, heating only and cooling with hot water or electric reheat, and constant or intermittent fan. The ASIS/1-5000C series controllers can operate stand-alone or provided the RS-485 communicating interface and Modbus protocol for system integration.

GENERAL The ASIS/1-5000C series integrated VAV controllers is a pre-programmed communicating digital controller, with or without an integral damper actuator for the control of pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Fan-Powered VAV terminal units. The controller maintains the space temperature by varying the air volume and includes an on-board airflow sensor. The controller monitors zone temperature through a temperature sensor or WS series zone temperature sensor and calculated the correct air volume to be distributed to the space by comparing the zone temperature with the cooling and re-heating setpoints. The ASIS/1-5000C series controllers to be fully operational, the operators needs only to enter a unique device address, select the appropriate personality for the application, and verify or modify duct area and airflow K-factors. No user programming or calibration is necessary. Pre-tuned PI algorithms mean that controllers can accurately maintain zone temperature.

FEATURES ․Provided RS-485 communicating interface and Modbus protocol for system integration ․Compatible with WS series zone temperature sensor ․Provided Enable/Disable operating function ․Provided proportional plus integral (PI) algorithm applied to modulating, floating or on/off control ․Provided high and low limited for temperature setpoint ․Provided floating (3-position) signal output for inlet air damper control ․Provided modulating, floating (3-position) or on/off (2-position) signal output for re-heating control ․Selectable direct/reverse control action ․Provided output limited for over load protection ․Adjustable maximum/minimum air flow volume limits ․Provided airflow volume (CFM or CMH) display via WS series temperature sensor for VAV terminal units ․Provided unoccupied temperature setpoint setting function for re-heating and cooling mode control ․Selectable local (WS series or remote) temperature sensor or share sensor input ․Provided calibrating function for temperature sensor ․Provided remote control (RC) output function for interlocking on/off control application ․Provided Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains user settings during power loss ․Provided self-diagnostic function ․Selectable Control off output function for floating control


FEMA压力开关/fema压力变送器应用工业领域,注塑机橡胶行业,Ex-VNS301 –250,Ex-VNS111 –1,

Ex-DNS025,Ex-DNS06,Ex-DNS1,Ex-DNS3,Ex-DNS6,Ex-DNS10 ,Ex-DNS16



MC2431C ASI Systems MC2431 Series Touch-Screen Master Controller Operator Panel GENERAL The MC2431C Touch-Screen Master Controller provided the Ethernet and RS-485 for system bus and RS-485 for local bus communication, Modbus protocol for support system bus and local bus. The MC2431C provided the touch-screen operating function, allow for easy and self-explanatory operation by fingertip or touch-pen. It allows the display controllers/thermostats temperature, time and status, the modification of enable/disable, control mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint, key-lock function and schedule, intervention in controllers/thermostats operation via overrides. The MC2431C provided the individual, group or schedule function to enable/disable the T6800, T6820 and T6900 series products. The MC2431C provided the Log-in, Group On/Off control, View, Up, Down and Exit system adjusts functions. APPLICATIONS ․Human Machine Interface for T6800, T6820 or T6900 series communicating thermostats ․Building automation system integration FEATURES ․Provided Ethernet & RS-485 for system bus and RS-485 for local bus communication ․Provided Modbus protocol for support system bus and local bus ․Provided touch-screen operating function ․Data display in numerical, icon and English or Chinese language ․Provided two time schedules and five holiday schedules function ․Provided individual or Group control function ․Allows modification of setting and monitors status ․Full user override capability, no programming needed ․Provided enable/disable key-locking function ․Provided Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains user settings during power loss ․MC2431C touch-screen master controller mounts directly onto a wall or standard junction box

















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